Why integrating ISO9001, ISO27001 & ISO22301 is important for your business security?

Article written by Devesh Pandit
Published: Thu, 22 Apr, 2021
Edited: Mon, 14 Mar, 2022

What should your customers know about?

Hi, my name is Devesh Pandit, and I represent E4 Security Consulting, we are based out in the USA. When I talk to my customers I talk to them about their responsibility in terms of quality, providing a quality product, secure product and has built-in business continuity. So, to me, three things are very important, quality, security and business continuity.

If I may tell my customer, that look it is your moral obligation because you have a contract to provide quality, at the same time you have to stay a step ahead of the bad guys, in order to provide security not only that you have to secure, if you are in some sort of manufacturing, or some sort of production or distribution or any business, you have to protect you physical assets you have to secure your perimeter, you have to secure your physical property, at the same time you have to secure your networks, at the same time you have to provide security so that nobody can come from outside and attack your system.

At the same time, we cannot be sure of natural disasters or manmade disasters things do happen, and we see that every day in the newspaper that something has happened somewhere and then eventually it impacts the business.

What will happen if you don’t pay close attention to quality, security and disaster recovery?

So, If I may say if you are not paying close attention to quality your customer will complain if you are not paying enough attention to security eventually your business will suffer, because lack of security will bring some sort of stoppage or some sort of interruption to your business and you have to take care of that security one way or other at the same time you have to think ahead of the time proactively how you are going to survive, your survive ability at the time of disaster.

When I talk to my customers I talk to them about quality, security and availability, these three elements are so intertwined, quality cannot be without security, security cannot be without availability and if you think that you can live without one or other you are putting yourself at risk.

To me, I believe in strong risk-based approaches, so if you are compromising with your quality that is a risk, if you are compromising with security that is a risk if you are compromising with business continuity or disaster recovery that say that is a situation that you want to avoid. So, basically to me, it is your moral obligation to provide quality, security and availability. Thank you.

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