Course Attended:                 ISO45001 Lead Auditor

Delegate Name:                     John Lesa Mutale

Company:                              Unik Construction Engineering

Position in Company:         Health and Safety Manager


The ISO 45001 LA training was instrumental and practical and I benefited so much in acquiring more professional conducts and ethics. The trainer was warm and extemporaneous in his presentation it made  me to easily grasp the course objective.

Course Attended:                 ISO 18788 Lead Implementer                

Delegate Name:                     JP Kearney

Company:                              Investec Bank Ltd

Position in Company:          Head of Security


The ISO 18788 course exceeded my expectations and I took great learnings from this course.  The instructor is experienced and was confident and passionate about presenting the course.  I also find great benefit in networking with professional security service providers and interacting with other security managers/professionals.

Course Attended:                 ISO 18788 Lead Implementer

Delegate Name:                     Rudi Holtzhausen

Company:                              G4S

Position in Company:          HSEQ & Risk Manager Africa


After spending numerous years in the Quality field and working with ISO Standards, I realize that terminology of Risk Assessments are my weaknesses and the course (and the additional information) has helped me a lot to understand it better.  The week of training was really worth every cent.  Appreciate the effort put into the course.

Course Attended:                 ISO 19600 Lead Compliance Manager

Delegate Name:                     Veronica Mouton

Company:                              DeBeers

Position in Company:          Manager Security Assurance


The contents of this standard speaks back to what I needed to know a long time ago. What a great tool this is to guide me going forward to develop my discipline to become compliant on the highest level.  I could identify all my personal gaps i.e. knowledge and skills set as well as the gaps within my discipline within by business unit.  I can now develop a plan, implement and be able to evaluate our growth and development from being basic in our level of compliance to futuristic and pro-active.  What an enlightenment and great experience this has been!

Course Attended:                 ISO19600 Lead Compliance Manager

Delegate Name:                     Yogita Ramjeeth

Company:                              Standard Bank

Position in Company:          Head of Compliance CIB Operations and CF


ISO19600 is an informative course.  The course focusses on the management of compliance systems and how to stay relevant in an ever changing regulated environment.  ISO19600 further provides insights and tools on how to manage the compliance managers in leveraging of other Risk support functions to ensure combined assurance.

Course Attended:                 ISO31000 Lead Risk Manager

Delegate Name:                     Agree Lesego

Company:                              Botswana Housing Corporation

Position in Company:          Manager- Risk and Compliance


ISO31000 Implementation and Guidelines simplified in 5 days.  Throughout the training, Nico (facilitator) brought the training to our organizational context for us to relate well and see how clearly the ISO31000 standard can be implemented if we understood the internal and external context of our business, operational processes to make meaningful impacts and be relevant.  I came out of the training with a whole new perspective of leading the ISO31000 in our organization.  Thank You Nico Snyman

Course Attended:                 ISO31000 Lead Risk Manager

Delegate Name:                     Laureenda Mathiot

Company:                              Central Bank of Seychelles

Position in Company:          Risk Manager

Testimonial: In everything that we do, we need to be guided by best practices and proper procedures.  The Lead Risk Manager course, in my context, being the risk manager at a central bank, provided me with the right process to lead the organization in the right path to managing risks.  Through its dynamic and continually evolving nature, I am also confident that the standard will continue to be sound, relevant and meet the needs of my organization in whatever environmental context we may be.  Finally, the course was delivered by Mr. Nico Snyman, a risk professional who took us through an easy understanding of the whole 31000 process/standard.

Course Attended:                 ISO45001 Lead Implementer

Delegate Name:                     Riaan Frederick Myburgh

Company:                              Civil Aviation Authority

Position in Company:         


Very insightful with a lot of practical hints and implementation techniques to ensure a successful implementation of ISO45001