CAA has provide our clients with the best technological products globally available.

Our Software solutions has several benefits, including:

  • tailoring the software to your organizational needs
  • scalable from site to international operations
  • qualify risk types in categories
  • qualify risk severity and probability
  • determining control qualities
  • link to responsible person
  • online based access from remote sites
  • tracking risks for additions and changes
  • and accountability for management of risk through a task driven system.
Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
This partnership provides the following
enabling software: Enterprise Risk
Management Software, Compliance
Software, Legal Compliance Suite,
Business Continuity Management Software,
Internal Audit
Behavioural Science Analytics (BSA)This is the world leading people risk software, with the specific focus on identifying the
reasons behind and the risks presented in the people behavior (Habits and behavior).
The system provides, through a 68 question worksheet, a 93000 variable analysis for
each specific team, project, business, Exco,
Business Intelligence System (BIS)This is one of the most powerful Business Analysis Tools available on the market.
This provide the user with the summative
knowledge and a view simple interactive and
integrated dashboard to make decisions
based on facts and limit the risks.
Incident & Investigation Management System (IIMS)IIMS is one of the globally leading incident
reporting, investigative management,
compliance enforcement systems within the
Forensic environment.
Operational Combined Assurance System
Our OCAS is one of the global leading
Compliance software systems. With this
Operational Combined Assurance Approach,CAA empowers our clients to drive better business on an operational level
Supply Chain Business Intelligence (SCBI)Our SCBI system is unique in its diversity.
From Supply Chain continuous assessments
to onboarding and inductions of subcontractors within the supply chain.