Risk Management Courses

ERM Awareness Session (Excl. Printing at R100 per delegate) 0,5
Introduction to Risk Management ISO 31000:2018
(IRMSA, AICP (UK) and SAIS Endorsed)
Risk Management Framework Practical Implementation: ISO 31000:2018
(IRMSA, AICP (UK) and SAIS Endorsed)
Risk Facilitation Skills (IRMSA,AICP(UK) Endorsed) 2
Operational Risk Management 2
Project Risk Management 2
Corporate Governance and Risk Management 2
Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance 2
Risk Champions 3
Risk Based Auditing (RBA) 2
Risk Assessment Techniques: ISO 31010:2009 (AICP (UK) Endorsed) 2
Risk Based Combined Assurance Training 1
Risk Reporting Training (presenting this course for IRMSA) 1
Audit and Risk Committee Training 1
Risk Based Thinking: ISO 31000 & ISO 9001 2
ERM Risk Maturity Modelling 2
Bowtie XP Train the Training 5
Course Transition ISO 31000 2009 – 2018 1

Internal Audit

Descriptions Days
CIA Part 1 Exam Prep and Q&A Course 1
CIA Part 2 Exam Prep and Q&A Course 1
CIA Part 3 Exam Prep and Q&A Course 2
The implication of COSO 2017 for Internal Audit 2
2016 IPPF-What to expect, how to conform. 1
The effect of KING IV on Internal Audit 1
Internal Auditors Guide to Financial Auditing 2
Excel – a Valuable Internal Audit Tool 2
An Internal Auditors Understanding of Information Technology 2
Internal Audit in the Cloud 1
Fraud Red Flags and Internal Auditors 2
Data Mining Techniques for Internal Audit 2
The Internal Auditor and IT Governance 2
POPI Act: What is the role of Internal Audit 1
Best Sampling Techniques for Internal Auditors 2
Preparing for Quality Assurance Review 2
Integrated Assurance – The why, how, whom 1
Auditing Corporate Social Responsibility 1
Introduction to Auditing Management Systems (ISO 19011) 1
Foundation of Auditing Management Systems (ISO 19011) 2
ACL: Auditing System, Data mining and analytics 2
SOX & Internal Audit 2
Advanced Auditing Techniques 3

Compliance/Assurance Courses

Description Days
King IV & Combined Assurance 1
ISO 19600: Introduction to Risk Based Compliance (CMP001) 2
ISO 19600: Risk and Compliance: Vendor and Supplier Management (CMP002) 2
POPI Act: Protection of Personal Information (CMP003) 2
King IV & Ethics 1
King IV & Municipal management 1
King IV & NPO 1
King IV & State owned entities 1
King IV & Retirement Funds 1

ICT Business Continuity & Cyber Crime Courses

Description Days
IT Governance 2
Development and Management of Business Continuity Exercises 2
Incident and Corporate Crisis Management Development Programme 2
Integrated BCM Programme 2
BCM Resilience Audit Maturity Assessment and Management Self-Assessment
ABC’s of BCM 2
King IV & Technology and information Management
Establishment and management of crisis management committees 2
Simulation Exercises for BCM 2
Testing and exercising of BCM 2
Management reviews of BCM 1
Introduction to disaster recovery 1
Disaster recovery essentials 2