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Crest Advisory Africa has invested extensively in the design of PowerPoint presentation slides for our extensive network to utilise in presentations to their Boards, Executive Committees and other Steering Committees. These slides has been categorised into various groups as we were doing this either for Risk Assessment analysis, Financial slides, Marketing slides and many others.

If you know the life cycle of design, you will understand that one slide of designers quality takes at least 4-5 hours to conceptualise, develop, review draft, corrections / improvements and final depending on the complexity and quality needed and for which audience you are targeting. This has helped us tremendously in our Business proposals and project feedback. This has placed us in a superior class against our competitors.

If one is looking at designers, you are looking at between $20 to $30 per hour. All these slides are easily editable and you can make it your own. No designers needed.

But we have seen that we can empower other companies, other entities, other specialists with their business, their business growth providing professionally designed PowerPoint presentations. So we have decided to take our Intellectual property (IP) and make it available to the general business environment.

For a fraction of the price you can procure a selection of quality designed PowerPoint slides from us. You can also extend your PowerPoint library by procuring another selection and add it to your library. Or you can become an Affiliate of CAA and for a further special deal, you can have access to all our designed slides, over 622 Of them.


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