ISOLTX: Driving Performance and Certainty with 10 Powerful GRC-A Modules

Developed meticulously by Crest Advisory Africa, ISOLTX is your indispensable companion in implementing, integrating, monitoring, and reporting on Business Management Systems (BMS).

Developed meticulously by Crest Advisory Africa, ISOLTX is your indispensable companion in implementing, integrating, monitoring, and reporting on Business Management Systems (BMS). Whether you employ a single BMS or a multifaceted combination, our platform is designed to seamlessly meet the imperative need for a fully integrated governance, risk, compliance, and assurance system. It offers invaluable metrics on the health and maturity of your Management System(s), providing top-tier management with clear and assured insights concerning the Return on Investment (ROI).

Core Features

  • Delivers combined assurance.
  • Acts as a repository for evidential support.
  • Calculates Levels of Risk (LoR) and Assurance (LoA)
  • Facilitates management system auditing.

Integration Mastery

Masterfully integrating methodologies from various vital disciplines, ISOLTX amalgamates ISO, SOX, King IV, and Audit principles (including those from IPPF and ISO 19011), forming a standardized, comprehensive system. This system clearly outlines expectations from each individual subsystem, while also diligently measuring the health and efficacy of each component, both on individual and collective levels. Through this integrated approach, the platform ensures a seamless, coordinated operation where subsystems function efficiently, and their performance metrics are easily accessible and understandable, providing invaluable insights for better management and decision-making processes.

Embark on a Journey of Assured Performance with ISOLTX

Explore the reliability and power our platform brings to your business management endeavours. Each module is crafted meticulously to not just meet but exceed your expectations. It’s designed to drive performance and provide certainty in each facet of your business management system, ensuring you have a comprehensive tool that supports and enhances your business performance and assurance endeavours. With ISOLTX, you embark on a journey where performance and certainty are not just promised; they are assured.

ISOLTX Modules

ISOLTX ERMS is designed to support the ISO 31000 Risk Management process. It enables risk owners to accurately assess, and report risks relevant to their focus areas with an exclusive methodology and framework. Additionally, it integrates with an AI …
Aiding compliance with ISO 22301:2019, ISOLTX BCMS is a robust module offering an array of tools, technology, advisory services, and training resources to ensure your business aligns with the best practices in business continuity management. It suppo…
ISOLTX Audit is here for organizations of any size, providing guidance and support in planning, establishing, implementing, and maintaining audit programs aligned with best business practices. It covers both Internal Controls Audits and standards-bas…
ISOLTX Compliance
ISOLTX Compliance aids your organization in planning, establishing, implementing, and maintaining a compliance management system based on the ISO 37301 standards, ensuring your business stays compliant with ease and efficiency.…
Efficiently report and track any type of incident within your organization using ISOLTX I²MAS. This module enables users to swiftly report incidents while allowing investigators and risk managers to assess and address the underlying causes efficientl…
ISOLTX Performance
With strong functionality, ISOLTX Performance supports the development of unique custom Performance Scorecards. Whether you prefer manual data input or wish to minimize duplicate information capture through electronic collection, ISOLTX Performance’s…
With robust functionality tailored for assets, ISOLTX Assets aligns seamlessly with ISO 55000 standards, supporting the development of custom Asset Performance Scorecards. Whether you're comfortable with manual data entry or aim to streamline operati…
ISOLTX Checklists
ISOLTX Checklists simplifies your compliance journey by integrating best practices from ISO standards and methodologies into streamlined, user-friendly lists. These checklists serve as a practical tool for businesses aiming for meticulous adherence t…
ISOLTX Docx is your dependable partner for document management, meticulously aligned with ISO 30301 standards. This system efficiently organizes, stores, and retrieves your vital business documents, ensuring a streamlined, secure, and compliant infor…
ISOLTX Forensics
ISOLTX Forensics is a robust forensics investigation and digital evidence management system meticulously aligned with ISO 27037 standards. This comprehensive tool acts as a virtual docket, consolidating all elements typically found in traditional har…

Awards and Recognition

MEA Business Awards
PECB Platinum Partner
Innovation in Business

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