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CAA, through MSECB, has earned an international reputation for integrity, value, and best practice by providing this assurance through the evaluation and certification of organizations with rigorous, internationally recognized competence requirements.

We provide our clients with comprehensive management system certification services that inspire trust and benefit society as a whole.

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Value of MSECB Certification

The value and recognition of certification is constantly rising within this rapidly changing world. Thus, the decision of whether to get certified against a particular standard has further been simplified.

In today’s dynamic market, the certification of management systems brings enormous advantages and added value to organizations by guiding them towards the implementation of practices and frameworks that bring continual improvement, help improve their services, facilitate the efficient management of operations, and expand business opportunities.

Many companies have grown to understand and appreciate that best practices and methodologies for relevant fields really do exist, by applying their knowledge and skills into the goals of their company and therefore resulting as the key success factor of their organization.

A research study conducted by Instituto Politecnico do Porto, which analyzed companies which have been certified against management system standards, concluded that approximately 90% of the research identified positive relations between the certification of MSs and economical, financial, or stakeholder-related results. In addition, to get the most out of the certification, the certification body that delivers it must have the right technical competency, reliability, and independency.

Why Choose MSECB as Your Certification Body?

Selecting the right certification body to perform the third-party audit is vital for your organization’s success. The extent to which your certification adds value and provides comparative advantage to the company depends significantly on this selection. Moreover, quality and success are not only comprised of dedication and perseverance, but also recognition, and the latter is a virtue that only reputable and trustworthy certification bodies can grant.

Receiving an internationally recognized certification from a globally renowned certification body consolidates your organization’s position as one that is up-to-date and in compliance with the latest international best practices and regulatory frameworks. At the same time, this instills trust in your customers’ perception of the products and services your organization offers. Being MSECB certified has proved to have a multidimensional impact on previously certified organizations and has increased the market share and recognition of those organizations.

MSECB is an IAS accredited certification body for management systems on a wide range of international standards. As a global provider of audit and certification services, MSECB offers its expertise on multiple fields, including but not limited to, information security, business continuity, quality, risk management, health, safety, and environment, etc.

Competent personnel (extensive network of experienced auditors) do all this, with reasonable fees (competitive prices in the market), and with quick processing times.

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How to get certified?


Review of the Management System

CAA will conduct a review of the Management System to look for the main form of documentation


Audit is performed

An audit is performed to verify that your organization is in conformity with the requirements of the standard


Certification is granted

Upon verifying that your organization is in conformity with the requirements of the standard, a Management System Certification is granted

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