Free Webinar: 24: Defining the scope of the MS

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As an international standard for Business Continuity Management System, the ISO 22301 / BCMS is designed to protect, reduce the likelihood of occurrence, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise.

With a Business Continuity Management System, your organization is prepared to detect and prevent threats.

During this webinar, we will be addressing the following topics:

  • How to define the organizational boundaries
  • How to define the boundaries of ISO 22301 / BCMS which need to be included in the scope
  • How to describe the exclusions of ISO 22301 / BCMS scope
  • How to define, describe the physical and geographic boundaries of ISO 22301 / BCMS
  • How to develop the ISO 22301 / BCMS scoping document
  • How to extend the scope as your business grows

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