CAA Global Events Management

Crest Advisory Africa (hereafter CAA) is a Boutique Enterprise with Unique Value Propositions (UVP) for our customers and the community we serve. Our 8 Offerings, described in various parts of this website, indicates our professionalism and our diversity in delivering quality products and services to targeted Blue-Chip companies, the Executives and C-Suite positions we are working with. This Knowledge Pool creates not only for CAA the edge in the market, but it also creates thought leadership. As a provider of International Best Practices and being involved and part of various Universities and Professional Bodies, CAA has evolved to deliver “Conversations”. These conversations and structured in Conferences, Summits, Industry Forums, Product Launches and other modes of creating and sustaining the conversations. All these Conversations are by design Challenging, Evocative, Probing and Futuristic. We must learn from the past, but we need to prepare for the Future.

The CAA Audience and Community

Our Global communication reach over 50 000 professionals daily, our website has over 65 000 hits every month and our leads generation through these unique and futuristic systems, positions CAA in a position of Communication Leadership. Our weekly communication, whether a newsletter, thought leadership articles, or general product communication, we lead the way. We have the audience, we have the knowledgebase, we have the systems, we create the conversation, locally and Globally