Technology & Software

Crest Advisory Africa has provided our clients with the best corporate governance technological products available, globally.

Our service offerings

  • Tailored software for your organizational needs.
  • Scalable from site to international operations.
  • Qualify risk types in categories.
  • Qualify risk severity and probability.
  • Determining control qualities.
  • Link to the responsible person.
  • Online based access from remote sites.
  • Tracking risks for additions and changes.
  • Accountability for the management of risk through a task-driven system.


ISOLTX-GRC-A™ is unique in this space, as it takes the methodologies of various disciplined, ISO, SOX, King IV, Audit (IPPF and ISO 19011) and integrates it into one comprehensive system.

This is providing a standardised approach to what is needed from each system and measuring the health of each of these systems separately and collectively.

The system makes provision for Application Programming Interface (API), to integrate the various governance software into one system and to provide the best available analytics and reporting on this software.

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