Crest Advisory Africa specialises in the recruitment of Executives and C-Suite Human Capital. With our extensive knowledge of the market and exposure to the executive and C-suite environment, we offer a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to our corporate and public clients as well as every individual who utilise this service within the Crest Advisory Africa offering portfolio.

Crest Advisory Africa specialises in enhancing your Human Capital Requirements. With our extensive knowledge of the market and exposure in designing tailor-made solutions for various Human Capital requirements, we have earned the respect of our clients and have built long-lasting business partnerships.

We constantly adapt our service offerings through constant innovation in an ever-changing legal and economic environment, thus ensuring that we stay abreast of global trends and the legal requirements as per the BCEA and Labour Law. This minimises risk and ensures that we are always compliant, giving you, our clients peace of mind.

Crest Advisory Africa takes great pride in driving quality. No two companies are alike, therefore, we spend time gaining an understanding of your business and its unique requirements by conducting a needs analysis to craft a bespoke solution to enhance your business success.

With the extensive business environment knowledge and the establishment of various business entities as start-up companies, such as the Bombela Civil Joint Venture (BCJV), Bombela Operating Company (BOC), and several other smaller businesses, Crest Advisory Africa has earned the trust and the integrity in the market to grow businesses, SMME, and Executives and create a career path for all of them.

Crest Advisory Africa is proud to associate ourselves with SMME and our Corporate Clients to build business ideas, with our broad and extensive marketing networks and our vast networks, across the globe.

Enhancing and building your Human Capital

Crest Advisory Africa provides the ability to enhance and build your Human Capital and workforce in South Africa, Africa and globally by:

  • Continuously increasing and building our candidate database to ensure we meet the demands for key industries such as financial services, IT, manufacturing plants/distribution centres, mining, engineering, oil & gas, energy and petrochemical
  • Permanent recruitment
  • Fixed-term contract placements
  • Contingent/contract workforce recruitment and workforce management
  • Outsourced RPO and MSP Solutions
  • Outsourced Payroll Services
  • Placing people in jobs that best fit their skills, abilities and that they fit in with your Company Culture
  • Development and Mentorship Programmes Unique to Every Employee
  • Team Profiling and Management Support
  • Relationship Reports optimizing one-on-one Relationships
  • Personal Learning from Top Performers in the Job

Value we add to your business

  • Benefitting from increased productivity, decreased administration, risk, and compliance
  • Reduced Training Time – Reduced Staff Turn-Over
  • Building a Positive Culture
  • Optimal Management Support
  • Employee Loyalty – Employee Development

Values we add to Human Resource Management

  • Employee Behaviour Register
  • Optimal People Placement, thus allowing our clients the opportunity to rely on us COMPLETELY for all their HUMAN Capital/Talent Solutions requirements, both permanent and contract employees, while you focus on your core business
  • Assistance with Expatriate Services
  • Development Programmes
  • Succession Framework
  • Team Building
  • Performance Management Support

Value we add to your Managers and Team Leaders

  • Better Understanding of their People
  • Development Programmes
  • Team Building
  • Optimal Team Management Reports
  • Positive Performance Discussions
  • On-boarding and off-boarding of recruits
  • Relationship Reports
  • Succession and Career Development Planning

Products and product-related services

25 Point Skill Analysis

Strengths and Behavioural Analysis

Advisory, Coaching and Mentoring Services

Behaviour Analysis