At Crest Advisory Africa we strive to provide our customers with innovative, yet affordable ICT Solutions. Our facilities boast a state-of-the-art digital forensic laboratory, safely and securely situated within the heart of South Africa’s largest research institute. Our investment in technology and highly skilled resources, ensure that we stay ahead of our competitors, and allow us to deliver services and results of the highest standard and quality.

Our mission is to create sustainable and long-term relationships with all our customers. This is achieved by delivering Digital Forensic Services with pinpoint accuracy and to the highest quality standards. Furthermore, delivering fundamental and thought-leading Information and Cyber Security Services, that ensure the safeguarding of information assets owned by our customers and future customers alike.

Products and Product-Related Services

We are constantly sourcing more products that can form part of the Crest Advisory Africa offerings portfolio.

Computer Forensics
Mobile Forensics
Network Forensics
Penetration Forensics: Black Box Testing
Penetration Forensics: Grey Box Testing
Penetration Forensics: White Box Testing
Penetration Forensics: Web Application Testing
Vulnerability Assessment
End-user Awareness Programs
Data Recovery