Our Auditors

Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd provides a specialised internal and external audit service for our clients operating across different business sectors. The Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd associates have more than 250 years of internal audit experience and structure our solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients which range from - a full outsourced internal audit service to structured co-source assignments.

What do we provide?

Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd believes in using a risk-based audit approach and uses a flexible and internationally accepted audit methodology, which ensures the effective functioning of corporate governance and adapts to the changing needs of organisations. We embrace the new King IV requirements that incorporate risk assessment and organisational goals into auditing.

Our experienced professional staff can:

  • Develop a new internal audit function tailored for your business;
  • Rework an existing internal audit function so that it is strategically aligned with your business; or
  • Benchmark your business’ function against those of other internal audit organisations.

Our approach is a direct derivative of both The KING IV report on Corporate Governance in South Africa and The Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd has also been approved as Management System (MS) Auditors, to certify Management systems globally for the PECB on various standards.

Our Audit Services

We will provide the following audit services that complement the processes mentioned above. A brief list of what we can provide is given below:

Internal Audit Services

Risk-Based Audits (RBA) IT Audit
Internal Audit (Pure Scheduled Internal Audit) Governance Reviews – Including policy and procedures, King III, board and committee performance assessments
Compliance Audits (CA) Forensic Investigative Audits (FIA)
Best Practice Audits (BPA) Quality Assurance Audits (QAA)
Physical Security Audits Combined Assurance Audits (CAA)
Data Management Services Quality Audit Reviews (QAR)
Policies and Procedure reviews and improvement (POPI, ERM, etc.) Risk Assessments (various industries)