Crest Advisory Africa: A Trusted Partner for MSECB and PECB Services

Obtain an ISO certification that affirms you are compliant with the world’s best-known practices and most widely used standards!


Crest Advisory Africa (CAA) is a leading provider of training and advisory services in the fields of governance, risk, compliance, and assurance. With a team of experienced and qualified professionals, CAA helps organizations achieve their objectives and manage risks effectively.

Partnership with MSECB and PECB

One of the ways CAA delivers value to its clients is through its partnership with MSECB and PECB, two internationally recognized certification bodies for management systems and professional competencies.

MSECB (Management Systems Examination and Certification Board)

MSECB, a Canadian-based organization, offers certification services for various ISO standards, including:

PECB (Professional Evaluation and Certification Board)

PECB, also based in Canada, provides certification services for individuals and organizations in various domains, such as:

  • Information Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • IT Governance
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Management
  • Social Responsibility

Comprehensive Range of Services

By partnering with MSECB and PECB, CAA offers clients a comprehensive range of services that cover the entire lifecycle of management systems and professional competencies. These services include:

Training and Awareness

CAA provides high-quality training courses delivered by certified trainers. Clients can gain knowledge and understanding of the latest standards, technologies, approaches, methods, and best practices.

Implementation and Auditing

CAA offers advisory services and conducts audits based on industry standards. By identifying and addressing potential gaps and weaknesses, organizations can improve their processes and systems.

Certification and Maintenance

CAA assists clients in achieving internationally recognized certificates, demonstrating compliance with global standards and competence in their field of expertise. Ongoing maintenance ensures continuous compliance.

Benefits of Choosing CAA for MSECB and PECB Services

Choosing CAA as your partner for MSECB and PECB services offers several benefits, including:

  • Internationally Recognized Certificates: Receive certificates that demonstrate compliance with global standards and competence in your field of expertise.
  • Enhanced Reputation and Credibility: Improve your reputation and credibility among stakeholders, customers, suppliers, regulators, and peers.
  • Improved Performance and Efficiency: Adopt best practices and methodologies tailored to your context and objectives, leading to improved performance and efficiency.
  • Reduced Risks and Costs: Identify and address potential gaps and weaknesses in your processes and systems, reducing risks and costs.
  • Increased Opportunities and Competitiveness: Expand your market access and demonstrate your commitment to excellence, increasing opportunities and competitiveness.

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