ISOLTX is a system that was developed by Crest Advisory Africa in partnership with one of the leading Universities in South Africa to assist with the implementation of a Management System or a combination of Management Systems.

ISOLTX measures the health and maturity of the Management System(s) and drives combined assurance to Top Management regarding their return on investment (ROI).

ISOLTX-GRC-A™ is unique in this space, as it takes the methodologies of various disciplined, ISO, SOX, King IV, Audit (IPPF and ISO 19011) and integrates it into one comprehensive system.

This is providing a standardised approach to what is needed from each system and measuring the health of each of these systems separately and collectively.

The system makes provision for Application Programming Interface (API), to integrate the various governance software into one system and to provide the best available analytics and reporting on this software.

This is the first and only system globally that:

  • Provides Combined Assurance
  • Serves as a Repository for Evidence
  • Measures the Level of Risk (LoR)
  • Measures the Level of Assurance (LoA)
  • Enables Auditing

Become a Value Added Reseller (VAR)

“A VAR or a ‘value-added reseller’ is a business that resells products after adding value to them”.

Value-added reselling is a business model that adds value to a product or service before selling it.

This model is common in the IT and consumer electronics sector.

There are many benefits of becoming a ISOLTX VAR (value added reseller).

By becoming a VAR you benefit from offering ISOLTX as a new product from a reputable global supplier to new and existing customers, without the expense of research and development.

VARs also benefit from sales and marketing support from the ISOLTX Team. This can include sales and marketing literature, advertising, leads and data.

VARs receive training and support from the suppliers. In this circumstance, a VAR will need to be certified before being able to sell a product or service benefiting the You with added credibility in the market place.

ISOLTX has an uniform pricing standard for all Value Added Resellers which gives you exclusive access to the following Revenue streams:

  • ISOLTX Platform
  • Modular Add-ons
  • Annual License Fee (ALF)
  • ISOLTX License Fees
  • Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF)
  • Annual Maintenance And Support (AMS)
  • Solution Implementation (CAPEX)
  • ISOLTX Compliance Solution
  • Configuration
  • Training Administrator
  • Training User
  • Solution Training
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