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Hiring the right employees for your business is important no matter what kind of work you’re in. Having quality employees will help your company run and grow. However, it can be a daunting task to recruit and keep top talent.

Reviewing resumes and browsing profiles is only part of the job. Hiring managers need to have strategies in place to help weed out candidates who aren’t a good fit, and determine who the best people are to help lead the company to success.

What’s Important When Hiring A New Employee?

If you’re a hiring manager, you know how many things there are to review when hiring a new employee. It can feel overwhelming and some key factors may slip through the cracks. It’s important that there is a strong hiring strategy in place when considering potential candidates.

Check out some of these tips for hiring the right employees:

Long Term Growth And Potential

It’s important to look at a possible new hire and think about their potential growth within the company. What would their employee lifecycle look like?

Don’t assume that their skills on paper match what they are actually capable of achieving, and on the flip side don’t assume that the person with all the “right” experience will be right for the job.

Aside from the skills required to do the job, what other skills do they have? Are they great problem solvers, do they know how to navigate through a problem and know where to look for the answer? This shows that they don’t need constant guidance and hand holding, and will be able to take direction and make successful decisions.

Their social skills are also an important factor in their overall growth and potential within the company. Do they work well with others? Do they try and achieve more of what’s asked of them? Do they have any type of leadership skills that’ll advance their position?

These are all great questions that could help you decide whether or not a person will last long in the company.

Take Time Preparing Interview Questions

When preparing interview questions, be sure to take your time and consider what you’ll be asking. Of course there are basic questions you’ll want to ask regarding the position, their background, and qualifications.

Work different kinds of questions into your interview that’ll help you gage if this person is a good fit for your company and its goals, mission, and culture.

Ask interviewees questions like “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

This will help you determine a few different things:

  1. What kind of goals and ambitions does this person have?
  2. Depending on their answer – how serious are they about achieving those goals?
  3. What kind of expectations do they have working for your company?
  4. How committed to your company will the new employee be?

All of these things are important insights to have when hiring a new employee.

Having a casual or loose conversation can help you get a real free for their personality and how they’ll mesh within the company. Think about your employees and the teams formed within the office. Your new hire should be a great addition to those things, not a disruption.

Let The Candidate Interview You

It’s important that the person that you’re interviewing has a full understanding of what’s expected of them. By letting the interviewee ask you questions, you’re able to see how well they understand the position and responsibilities that come along with it.

This part of the interview can be crucial.

The interviewee will be able to get a good feel of the work environment and if they want to work for you. This is good information for you as well; you are able to be completely transparent with a person and what’s expected and see if they’re committed to the position and if they have aligned goals.

How they ask questions will also give you a sneak peek into how they process information and how they might be able to solve a problem.

Tips To Help You Succeed

The interviewing stage is really just one piece of the hiring process. You have to keep in mind that not all hires are going to work out, no matter how great they seemed at the time.

There are many important steps in hiring the right employee:

Keep A Checklist

Keep a checklist of questions you ask during an interview. You may want to change them up depending on the position you’re hiring for. Keep in mind you want to learn more about the person’s capabilities, knowledge, skills, confidence, attitude, and potential.

Over time you may look to improve your questions based on the responses you’re getting.

Develop Your Hiring Process

Your hiring process should always be improving.

It’s a good idea to document your hiring process, that way you can improve it over time. Keep notes on things that helped you find the right person, and document things that lead to an employee leaving. How long did that person stay after the hiring process, and what lead to their departure from the company?

When you hire a new employee, you may want to include other members of your staff, like the department in which you’re hiring for. This could provide insight into the kind of support your staff needs in a new hire.

All of these steps within the process will help you learn over time what works best for you and your company.

Consider Hiring Interns

The best way to get your “dream” employee is to hire an intern. Interns are a great way to groom the kind of employee your company needs. You’re able to guide, teach, and develop an intern, who are usually eager to learn and willing to take direction.

Once the intern has gone through their training and experience, you can hire within your own pool of potential hires. Since they have been working within the company already, the intern will most likely still have the fire inside of them to want to continue to grow and succeed.

How To Hire The Right Employee

Hiring the right employee may take more time than you originally thought. However, it’s a good idea to implement some of the suggestions from this article to help you succeed in hiring the right candidate

Crest Advisory Africa specialises in the Recruitment and Placement of Executive and C-Suite Managers across the globe in Blue Chip Companies.  Our in-depth evaluation battery will create the resource with the best knowledge, the best ability to execute and will fit into your organisational culture.

Our Global footprint creates a knowledge pool with unique benefits for every individual and corporate environment making use of our unique services.

In an organisation, it is of the utmost importance to have correctly placed and qualified employees in set positions.  Crest Advisory Africa takes great pride in helping you to build a workforce that performs with optimal success in the interest of the business and its clients.

CAA provides the ability to build this workforce by:

  • Placing people in jobs that best fit their habits.
  • Development and Mentorship Programmes Unique to Every Employee.
  • Team Profiling and Management Support.
  • Relationship Reports to optimize one-on-one Relationships.
  • Personal Learning from Top Performers in the Job.

Value we add to your Business

  • Reduced Training Time – Reduced Staff Turn-Over
  • Build a Positive Culture
  • Optimal Management Support
  • Employee Loyalty – Employee Development

Value we add to Human Resource Management

  • Employee Behaviour Register
  • Optimal People Placement
  • Development Programmes
  • Succession Framework
  • Team Building
  • Performance Management Support


Value we add to your Managers and Team Leaders

  • Better Understanding of their People
  • Development Programmes
  • Team Building
  • Optimal Team Management Reports
  • Positive Performance Discussions
  • On-boarding of new recruits
  • Relationship Reports
  • Succession and Career Development Planning

If you register before the end of August for this unique service, you will receive a 15% discount on the normal recruitment structure used in the industry.

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