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Crest Advisory Africa, in partnership with Blue Pencil Creative provide a learning design studio, built like a marketing agency. This enables us to understand your learners and build digital learning and performance tools that are affective, appealing, and engaging, and delivered in a way that fits into their schedules and learning preferences as creatively as possible. From eLearning to animation and augmented reality, virtual tours, 3D, motion design, live action video, and good old-fashioned graphic design, we make performance and development really happen!

Developing digital content is a complex and detailed endeavor! It’s not just about the authoring tools, you also have to be well versed in animation, augmented reality, graphic design, mobile design, and modern technology. That way, you can find the best possible solutions to connect with your audience. This way we are able to create the right learning strategies for specific target audiences, rather than applying a blanket solution to all. This means that we create eLearning, podcasts, animation, live action video, inductions, augmented reality, infographics, websites and a host of other learning support interventions that truly change behaviour.



Working with diverse clients in a range of industries we are truly platform agnostic. This means that we have worked with a host of learning systems over the years, including: Success Factors, Cornerstone, Moodle, Adobe Prime, Talent LMS, a New Spring, SABA, BlackBoard, Znanja, Totara, edX, Udemy, and many more. We also develop in any authoring tool that suits your particular needs and environment: from Articulate to Adobe and back again.
This wealth of experience ensures that instead of pushing a single solution or platform onto our clients, we can ideate only the best possible solutions and possibilities, regardless of the platform, and then ensure that the learners are engaged within a way that fits into their lifestyle and learning needs.



Our approach to Learning and Development and Change is holistic and guided by our Holistic Learning and Change Framework. This framework allows us to ensure that all elements are covered in the design, scoping and execution of all projects, that all stakeholder needs are catered for, and that the roll out of a successful learning and change programme is made possible. It also allows us to recommend behaviours and practices around the learning journey itself in order to help embed the training department as a trusted source of career development and learning. Using this Framework in conjunction with principles of Agile, Disciplined Agile and Design Thinking we ensure creative alignment with the organisation’s unique needs.


Crest Advisory Africa and Blue Pencil have successfully applied this strategy to clients in a range of industries from FMCG, to Financial, Airline, Retail, mining, and insurance clients. Whoever we need to help make better, Blue Pencil has the expertise to find the best possible solution.




From innovative eLearning, gamification, augmented reality, learning-in-thenow, micro learning, infographics, learning websites, learning strategy, animation, and a host of other solutions we enable employees to contribute at their best, and better.


Traditional methods of creating competence in the ERP space are expensive, time consuming, and ineffective. Our digital learning solution is not only customised to your unique implementation and environment, but it is more affordable, quicker to roll out, easier to maintain, and more engaging to complete.


Developing a learning for today’s world requires a diverse skill set of multimedia skills, writing skills and learning design methodology. Blue Pencil helps learning practitioners develop the skills they need to create effective learning journeys through training and coaching on Authoring Tools (Articulate Storyline and 360, and Adobe Captivate), design tools (Adobe Creative Cloud), and Learning Management System Administration (Moodle, and Adobe Captivate Prime).


When you need to deploy learning artefacts, and track who’s completed what training, a Learning Management System is the way to go. These systems can be very clunky, unattractive, and cumbersome, but, when empowered with vision for the end user, gamification principles, and great User Experience Design, you can release the full potential of your LMS and transform it into a learning juggernaut!



We believe that eLearning can be more than just information on a page. It can be supportive, and innovative, and progressive. It can make learners better, even after the assessment is over, by connecting people to their purpose, roles, and career paths. Blue Pencil prides itself on creating learning that in more than just learning: it’s a tool for creating awesome people!

virtual 3


Through Virtual Reality (VR), Blue Pencil creates simulated environments that place the user inside a learning experience. Using various technologies, such as 3D photography and 3D animation, users are immersed in real world environments and are able to interact with these 3D worlds in realistic ways, simulating as many senses as possible. This creates vivid, engaging, and long-lasting learning experiences.



Animation is a great way to train and upskill learners. It demystifies the learning and provides a safe access point to showcase key concepts in a visually appealing and easy to consume way. Blue Pencil creates animation in a host of ways that work with varied audiences and budgets.

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