With the collective expertise, experience and knowledge base CAA consist of, CAA can review any process and evaluate the robustness thereof within the bigger business and enterprise architecture.

King Code of Governance Principles (King IV):
  • It became necessary because of the new Companies Act no. 71 of 2008 (‘the Act’) and changes in international governance trends. This report, endeavors to align South African practices with governance internationally, focusing on the importance of conducting business reporting annually in an integrated manner i.e. putting the financial results in perspective by also reporting on;
  • how a company has, both positively and negatively, impacted on the economic life of the community in which it operated during the year under review; and
  • how the company intends to enhance those positive aspects and eradicate or ameliorate the negative aspects in the year ahead.

CAA is industry leaders in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), whether it is for the total ERM environment, and Project environment, functional or operational environments (verticals and horisontals). The ERM Risk Universe (see diagram) is an essential tool in ensuring the achieving of objectives. This is linked to the Risk Maturity Model (RMM) as well as the establishment of Risk Based Taxonomies (RBT)