CAATA has been accepted as one of the selected view Global companies to form part of the PECB (Canada) Global University ( This provides the International best practices in a diverse offering to our clients, from training on International Standards to Certification of Quality Management Systems, with International recognition. CAA is the only company within the PECB Accredited Partners which has been approved and accredited for two (2) Global Territories, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. CAA is a Gold Partner of the PECB regarding the below mentioned certification services
CAATA has been Accredited by the Services SETA as a Training provider within the South African Qualification Framework (SAQA). The Accredited Training Provider Registration number is 12236 As a result of the Body of Knowledge (BoK) within CAA, we specialize in the Training and Development and the upskilling of people, leaders, etc. Skills transfer is a priority for CAA and continuously research what the need is in the market and develop training and development products to close the gap and be industry leaders.