Who is Crest Advisory Africa?

About us

Crest Defined

Africa is a growing economy with unique challenges which need to be addressed. Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd (CAA) is at the forefront of these developments, ensuring businesses continue to grow. The company has been established by leading Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Internal Audit experts who want to bring about positive change and improved service to the African continent. We employ strategic partners delivering a diverse range of services that focus on addressing business risk, business continuity and business compliance.

Vision and Objectives


To be one of the preferred Corporate Governance (Risk, Security, Internal Audit, Compliance, QMS, BCM, Anti Bribery, ITC, etc.) advisory and solutions provider Globally.


  • To provide global best practice training and development across the corporate governance spectrum.
  • To provide quality, current and relevant management advisory service to our clients.
  • To provide quality, independent and trusted external and internal audit services.
  • To source, advise and provide the appropriate cutting-edge enabling technology solutions.
  • To develop relevant products within the training, management consulting and technology spectrum to our clients.
  • To provide quality Business Incubation services to our clients.
  • To provide superior Events Management, for CAA and our Clients.
  • To provide a Global International Management System (MS) Certification Service (People, Auditors, Management Systems, Training, Products).

Corporate Governance

Crest Advisory Africa services corporate governance, including:

Risk Management

Crest Advisory Africa is driving the Objectives of Companies to cerate certainty and drive performance. With our extensive global reach, our global client knowledge base and our diverse environments working with risk, whether strategic, tactical or operational, we will provide the best international quality you can procure. We are conducting Board, Exco and Departmental Risk Assessments and Facilitation Sessions.

Internal Audit

Crest Advisory Africa is specialising in the 3 Levels of Audit:
* Level 1: Internally,
* Level 2: Audit on Customers and Suppliers and
* Level 3: Independent Audits.
Our Flagship Audits are the Management System Audits where CAA are Internationally Accredited to conduct ISO Management System Certification Audits.


Crest Advisory Africa has several products we sell to our clients. This includes Premium Management System Templated Toolkits, IntellaTread (German patented tiling solution), designer PowerPoint Presentations and Competency-Based Training Courses, to ensure that your staff are trained across competency requirements.


Crest Advisory Africa is the proprietary owner of the ISOLTX™ Software. This software is a futuristic developed GRC-A Based Software (Governance, Risk, Compliance and Assurance). It is based on risk-based thinking incorporated in many governance documents and international standards. ISOLTX™ Software consists of 12 integrated modules currently serving 13 pre-programmed International Standards.
B BBEE Printer


Crest Advisory Africa (CAA) is committed to transformation in South Africa and is Level 2 B-BBEE compliant.

Crest Advisory Africa’s B-BBEE status incorporates the provisions of the BEE codes introduced in 2007 and again in 2013. This combines Management Control and Employment Equity into one element, and Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development into another. A portion of the Old Enterprise Development has been limited to Supplier Development.