Who is Crest Advisory Africa?

Africa is a growing economy with unique challenges which need to be addressed. Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd (CAA) is at the forefront of these developments, ensuring businesses continue to grow. The company has been established by leading Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Internal Audit experts who want to bring about positive change and improved service to the African continent. We employ strategic partners delivering a diverse range of services that focus on addressing business risk, business continuity and business compliance.

CREST Defined

Crest Advisory Africa servicesCorporate Governance, which includes
Risk Management
Enabling (Risk Mitigation)

CREST Mission and Vision

It is Crest Advisory Africa’s vision to build better businesses through risk-based solutions. CAA’s mission is to:

Empower businesses to manage their risks optimally;
Deliver exceptional quality insight and impact to our clients;
Implement cutting edge technology in support of the drive to qualitative governance.
Proven Track Record
Crest Advisory Africa (CAA) provides training, through the Prozilog (Pty) Ltd entity under current contracts, at:

the University of Pretoria: since 2002 to 2010 full time and presently on an annual basis, ad hoc;
SAIGA (South African Institute of Government Auditors): annual contract since 2005
the Institute of Risk Managers South Africa (IRMSA): Crest Advisory Africa is a training provider to IRMSA.
the Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa (IIASA), since 2001: Crest Advisory Africa is the preferred training provider for all the Continuous Professional Development and all In-House Training of IIASA.
Crest Advisory Africa utilises experts in various fields to provide training courses, seminars and workshops.


Crest Advisory Africa (CAA) is in process with the Services SETA for accreditation. However, Prozilog, which has merged with CAA, has been approved as an accredited Institute of Internal Auditors Service Provider for the next five years.

The training specialists CAA utilise are accredited with the following bodies:

South African Institute for Security (SAIS)
The Institute of Risk Managers of South Africa (IRMSA)- This is the biggest institute for risk managers on the African continent
Association of Internal Control Professionals (AICP) of the United Kingdom and other institutes.
IIA approved Quality Review Assessor
IIA approved QAR Trainer
Competent Outcomes-Based Assessor (SAQA Unit Standard 115753).


Crest Advisory Africa (CAA) is committed to transformation in South Africa and has received Level 2 B-BBEE status because 51% of the company is Black owned. This is further broken down by 26% Black female owned and 25% Black male owned.
CAA’s B-BBEE status includes revision of the BEE codes introduced in 2007 and again in 2013, which now combine Management Control and Employment Equity into one element, as well as Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development into one element. A portion of the Old Enterprise Development has been limited to Supplier Development.

What does this mean for me?

Your score under Preferential Procurement is dependent on the BEE scores of your suppliers (such as Crest Advisory Africa). This means that the higher a supplier’s BEE score, the more they will count towards your Preferential Procurement score. CAA’s Level 2 B-BBEE status means that companies can claim 125% procurement recognition.