Why you need Combined Assurance Audit Software for your company

By now the initial buzz word of Combined Assurance or Integrated Assurance, as referred to in King IV’s (Principle 15) Code on Corporate Governance a company should be able to provide assurance.

Assurance is described as:

  • “Part of corporate governance in which a management provides accurate and current information to the stakeholders about the efficiency and effectiveness of its policies and operations, and the status of its compliance with the statutory obligations”.

Principle 15 of the King IV report states that “The governing body should ensure that assurance services and functions enable an effective control environment and that these support the integrity of information for internal decision-making and of the organisation’s external reports.”

Combined Assurance Audit Software (CAAS)

Any and all organisations should follow the 11 risk-based principles listed below, in order to provide combined assurance, whether to employees or clients or both.

Does your reporting/auditing software provide the following:

  1. Does it add value?
  2. Is it form an integral part of your organisational processes?
  3. Does it form part of your decision making?
  4. Does it explicitly address uncertainty?
  5. Is it systematic, structured and timely?
  6. Is it based on best available information?
  7. Is it tailored towards your organisation?
  8. Does it take human and cultural factors into account?
  9. Is it transparent and inclusive?
  10. Is it dynamic, iterative, and responsive to change?
  11. Does it facilitate improvement?

If you have answered no to any of the above questions, then you are using the wrong software. See our presentation on what our Combined Assurance Audit Software (CAAS) can do for your company.


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