VoicePIN Biometrics

How many passwords do you have which you must remember for operational utilisation in your work and personal environment? This is the biggest source of personal breach in any organisation.

I know a lot. For example, working for a company, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), had all his systems, password and login details, in various sticky notes and pasted it to the various computer screens in his office. When asked why is he doing this, he said, how do you expect me to remember these? Each one is different, to ensure strong internal control.

What he was doing, is openly handing over access to all the systems by displaying it on sticky notes.

Crest has the solution. After a long and highly sensitive negotiation process, Crest were awarded the sole rights to market VoicePIN to the African Market.

This is a unique software, which allows you to access any system using your unique Voice biometrics. Please download the case study from the Crest website, click here. This has been implemented with huge success in the banking industry, the tax payer’s industry, in Telecoms, in the small loans environment and this can ensure Proof of Life (pensioners: SASSA).

No more sticky notes, computer biometrics, if you are using it, no black book with all your passwords, no Password vault on your mobile phone.

For enquiries or for a demonstration of this global technology, please email your request to voicepin@crestadvisoryafrica.com or contact Nico Snyman on 0764034307