Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships are always an indication of growth and validation of the brand and reputational value of a company. During this month, Crest Advisory Africa has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s) with the Association of Internal Control Professionals (AICP: UK) (see http://www.theaicp.org/), based in the United Kingdom.

CAA has also been appointed as the SADC regions representative within the Internal Control Practitioners environment. With the CAA initiative regarding Risk within the Supply Chain, The AICP has an internationally acclaimed course named: Internal Controls in the Procurement Operations (http://www.theaicp.org/internal-control-in-procurement-operations/)

This is electronically available and while you are there, sign up to be an associate or a Member of the AICP.

The AICP-SADC Chapter will be launched in due time. Watch this space.