Latest Statistics: Cargo Crime in South Africa

In 2015, Transport Asset Protection Association’s Incident Information Service (IIS)  recorded only 38 cargo crimes in South Africa. However, the intelligence provided underlined the typical characteristics of freight thefts seen across the country and, most typically, in Gauteng province. Over 63% of cargo crimes reported to IIS last year were Hijackings, 57.9% occurred while trucks carrying high value, theft attractive goods were En Route, and 47.4% involved Violence and Threat with Violence.

A high percentage of criminal activity continues to target last-mile delivery vans. 2015 data also showed a series of individual incidents with high losses, including:

  • A shipment of phones valued at €650,000
  • Computers/laptops valued at €526,008
  • €265,000 of clothing & footwear, cosmetics & hygiene, computers/laptops and phones
  • Food & drink products worth €166,591
  • Smartphones valued at €148,000

The average loss for cargo crimes in South Africa reported to TAPA’s IIS in 2015 was €201,423 based on the 34.5% of incidents that recorded a value. In Q1 2016, IIS was notified of 11 new cargo crimes, nine of which were Hijackings.

Nico Snyman, Crest Advisory Africa Founder and International Risk Management Consultant, will be an expert guest speaker at TAPA’s July Conference, which will cover the growing challenges facing businesses moving goods in South Africa. The special one-day conference on 27 July will be hosted at the Emperors Palace Hotel in Gauteng, entitled ‘A Regional Perspective on Cargo Crime: Challenges faced by authorities and advancements made in the crime prevention and detection’.

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