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Risk Management Training Hailed Success

Crest Academy in association with Technews, publisher of Hi-Tech Security Solutions. completed its first risk management training session in early 2015, titled ‘Introduction to Risk Management for Security and Operations Managers’. First published in Hi-Tech Security Solutions Magazine, their journalist spoke to two attendees to find out what their impressions of the course were and if what they learned was applicable to their jobs.


Nava Narain, protection services manager at Anglo American, attended and says the course proved very interesting and offered her an industry-wide view of risk management. All too often security and risk personnel have to focus on specific silos in their daily jobs, and the course was an opportunity to see the bigger picture. She also noted that it was refreshing to get a broader overview on how the components of ISO 31000 all come together.

An important component of the course that stood out for her was the risk management cycle and how the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of the programme work together and how the King report talks to the whole cycle. She is keen to take what she learned and share it with her colleagues and has also signed up for the next course, ‘Risk Management: ISO 31000 Training for Security Managers’.

Narain says it was a pleasant networking opportunity as well and she appreciated the fact that she was able to express her opinions and engage in informative conversations with the facilitator, Nico Snyman from Crest Advisory Africa.

Gerry Mattheyse, risk manager at Saab Grintek Defence, also attended the course and is also scheduled for the next one. Mattheyse says the biggest value of the course for him was the unlocking of the vast amount of information contained in ISO 31000. He says Snyman was able to pull the heart out of the standards and make it easy for the attendees to understand and apply in their own environments.

As industries throughout Africa look to implement ISO 31000, Mattheyse says the information shared throughout the course is on target to help risk and security managers prepare for the task by providing pertinent, actionable information.

The highlight of the course for Mattheyse was the ability to see the whole risk management process linked through the ISO governance model to the real world. This made it more than a theory and turned it into real processes and activities that need to be designed and implemented in risk management processes on mines – and other industries as well.

Some of the modules in the course included the following:

• Risk management concepts for security

• Risk terminology / vocabulary

• Risk management frameworks

• Risk management policy

• Risk management implementation

• Summary of King III and risk management

• Implementing King III recommendations for security risk management


Further risk management courses are planned during the course of 2016, from the initial module through to the more in-depth courses.