Risk Management in the Property Market (Case Study)

Do you have property? Are you renting at present or are you and investor?

CAA has been appointed to manage a Property portfolio as from the 1st December 2016.

Part one (1) of the case study called: From Bankruptcy to Solvency in 45 daysexplains what happened in the 60 days from taking over the Property Portfolio.

This is real time proof of the turnaround strategies CAA work with every day. This is also proof of the statements I made in the video on the landing page of the CAA website, click here to view.

CAA are problem solvers “Par Excellence”. We not only save you money, we turn liabilities in assets, losses into return on investment.

For more detail of what we can do for you or your Property Portfolio, please contact propertyrisk@crestadvisoryafrica.com or contact Nico Snyman on 076-403-4307.