Crest Advisory Africa takes great pride in helping you to build a workforce that performs with optimal success in the interest of the business and its clients. CAA provides the ability to build this workforce by:

  •  Placing people in jobs that best fit their habits.
  •  Development and Mentorship Programmes Unique to Every Employee.
  •  Team Profiling and Management Support.
  •  Relationship Reports to optimize one-on-one Relationships.
  •  Personal Learning from Top Performers in the Job.

Value we add to your Business

  •  Reduced Training Time – Reduced Staff Turn-Over
  •  Build a Positive Culture
  •  Optimal Management Support
  •  Employee Loyalty – Employee Development
  •  Improved Productivity
  •  Scientific Succession Planning
  •  Leadership Development
  •  Automated Recruitment Process

Value we add to Human Resource Management

  •  Employee Behaviour Register
  •  Optimal People Placement
  •  Development Programmes
  •  Succession Framework
  •  Team Building
  •  Performance Management Support
  •  Talent Management and Development
  •  Create Job Specifications based on behaviour of top performers
  •  Access to job specific Interview Packs
  •  Work Place Relationship Optimisation

Value we add to your Managers and Team Leaders

  •  Better Understanding of their People
  •  Development Programmes
  •  Team Building
  •  Optimal Team Management Reports
  •  Positive Performance Discussions
  •  On-boarding of new recruits
  •  Relationship Reports
  •  Succession and Career Development Planning
  •  Leadership Development Programmes
  •  Understanding the Unique Behaviour for Success

Value for Employees

  •  Understand Own Behaviour
  •  Focus Awareness Reports
  •  Team Role Preferences Knowledge
  •  Use their Personal Strengths
  •  Personal Portal
  •  Relationships at Work
  •  Personal Relationship Reports
  •  Personal Development Programmes
  •  Resume Capturing and Sending
  •  Available Internal Vacancies