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….. Do you see them? …. They see you!
….. Do you hear them? …. They hear you!


The Reality of Focused Communication Breaches:
Your actual threat in 2014

As we embark, once again, on a New Year, it is the responsibility of Crest Advisory Africa and its partners to introduce, reiterate and remind our existing, as well as potential new, clients of the current trends and research on eavesdropping and bugging devices. The protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and valuable trade secrets has become more complex as technology evolves. This growth and development has transpired across the board, from advance covertly listening devices to the eavesdropping of your communication devices. Power no longer lies in money; Confidential Communications and IP has become the bargaining chip on both the national and global playing field.

New developments and research results are continuously monitored by Crest Advisory Africa through association and accreditation with international manufacturers and service suppliers in the specialist field of debugging. Results of this research, amongst other, indicated that 2013 was characterized by a significant increase in the incidents of corporate espionage and focused communication breaches (bugging). This in itself should garner grave concern for the safety and security of all confidential communications.

Rapid technological advancement, easy supply and purchase online, as well as the simplistic “plug and play” devices, has made it possible for even the most technologically challenged person to operate these devices successfully. Furthermore, the development of software for the application for the new smartphones has facilitated easy access to eavesdropping services. The sales figures from the service providers of bugging equipment have moreover reached an all-time high, a further indication of the escalation in this field. The aforementioned has consequently opened the door for any person, whether a staff member from your tearoom or the CEO of a competitor, to your most valued secrets.

General awareness throughout our corporate clients regarding these risks is now more relevant than ever, and many companies, especially financial institutions, are allocating independent budgets specifically for this task. Crest Advisory Africa and its partners, leaders of this field in South Africa, have established themselves as the most specialized company on the African continent, featuring an up to date team of expert surveillance investigators and technical equipment. Recognizing the importance of the protection of Intellectual Property, Crest Advisory Africa encourages our clients to assess your particular requirements regarding the security of your communications.

Crest Advisory Africa has consistently invested both time and financial resources on developing a new generation of counter measure methods and devices. In doing so, we stand at the ready to assist your Company in the proactive combating of any and all forms of corporate espionage.

The threat is here and now, can you afford to NOT sit up, notice and take action?

The new face of detecting active Cellular device threats

Corporate Espionage, Crest Advisory AfricaThe RAPTOR RXi counter-surveillance receiver stands out from the crowd due to its wide scanning frequency range of 10kHz to 26GHz, 20MHz real-time bandwidth, wealth of functionalities and large (15″) colour touch screen display.


espionage electronic warfare,Crest Advisory AfricaThe age of electronic warfare is here, information has prime value resulting in organisations going the extra mile to achieve the goal.


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