POPI, Information Regulator and Judge Mervin King

Since November 2016, CAA has been writing about POPI, we have implemented CAA Training Academy (CAATA) courses and we delivered In-House training.

We published a POPI White Paper and will be publishing how to create a POPI Management System (MS) soon.

But most of all, we have secured the Information Regulator (IR) for a public event, hosted by Mc Naughton Events, a strategic Partner of CAA on 29th August at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton

The stage will be shared by Judge Mervin King on this subject.

We will be writing articles regarding every participant at the event, if successful, we will upload podcasts of the speakers very soon. Visit our website and sign up for the articles and the podcasts at www.crestadvisoryafrica.com.

For any further information in this regard, please contact us on popi@crestadvisoryafrica.com for a consult in this regard. You can also call Nico Snyman at 07640343047.