POPI and the effect on the Operators (Vendors, Suppliers, Third Parties)

CAA have been in the forefront of the drive to POPI compliance. POPI is a reality, and although not in effect, the structures of the powers to be, are slowly but surely being implemented.

Section 20 and 21 of POPI states that the Responsible Party must ensure that the Operator, any person or structure acting on behalf of the Responsible Party, and with the Authority of the Responsible Party, complies with all the requirements if the Responsible Parties responsibilities.

This places a tremendous burden on the Responsible Party regarding the Contractual descriptions, the Terms and Conditions and the implementation of all the Security Measures as stated in Section 19.

This needs to be planned, structured and audited to ensure that the various Operators (Vendors, Suppliers, etc.) are in compliance with and are executing the SLA as per the Responsible Parties obligations under POPIA.

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