POPI and Business Unit applications

We have been consistently providing guidance regarding the POPI preparedness, Gap Analysis Assessment, POPI implementation in general and the effect of POPI in the different Business Units.

CAA will be providing a White Paper on the Effect of POPI on Business as well as to the Industries. This White Paper will be available during June 2017 for download from our website. You will also have access to the White Paper to be published in the June 2017 Newsletter.

CAA is not a legal compliance firm guiding you through the legal compliance process of POPIA, but instead, we are:

  • the Risk Strategists (linked to strategic objectives),
  • the People based implementers (huge change management is expected),
  • the Architects of the processes needed from where the PI is collected, for which purpose, how was it used, stored and destroyed
  • and finally, we are renown Internal Auditors, setting the standard for POPIA Auditing, whether Internal or External.

For any further information in this regard, please contact us on popi@crestadvisoryafrica.com for a consult in this regard. You can also call Nico Snyman at 076-403-4307.