POPI Act: Who will be Affected?

POPI (Protection Of Personal Information Act) protects everyone in the value chain. This means that any party Collecting, Processing, Holding, Disseminating, and/or Using a person’s Personal Information (PI), must comply with the 8 Conditions stated in the Act.

The requirements will apply to PI held in relation to:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • As well as:
    • Prospective Customers
    • Prospective Suppliers (tenders, bidders)

The consequences are catastrophic. 10 years in jail or R10 million in fines? Is this really a risk one wants to accept? At present there are no insurance for this Non Compliance. What is the Risk Treatment process you envisage implementing, or is this a total surprise? What would be the Financial, Operational and Reputational Risk for you and your company? What about the Legal Consequences?

CAA is one of the industry leaders when it comes to POPI. CAA can audit POPI preparedness, implement the awareness process, implement the POPI strategy efficiently and effectively, conduct a POPI Quality Audit Review (QAR), and ensure that you are POPI compliant.

For more information, POPI awareness sessions, POPI Preparedness Assessments, etc. please contact Nico Snyman at 0764034307 or popi@crestadvisoryafrica.com