POPI Act: Are you ready?

Yes, the Information Regulator has been appointed. The POPI Act stands for Protection Of Personal Information Act. This is indicative of a structure being formed and the writing is on the wall, this Act will be implemented. It is just a matter of time. Many organisations have seen the light pertaining to POPI, but there are many organisations, who are in denial.

This is like the e-Toll system. The roads were build, the infrastructure (offices, buildings, outlets) was established and it was a matter of time before the e-Toll systems were implemented. Two years later, we witnessed the fights, the various consultative processes were challenged and the commission of enquiry was established to investigate the validity of the E-Tolling system. The result is: e-Tolling is here to stay.

The same applies to the POPI Act. Crest Advisory Afric foresees that the announcement of the implementation date for the POPI Act will be sooner rather than later. The risk involved here is the moment it is announced, any and all organisations have 12 months for full implementation to comply with the stipulations of the Act. This is not a long time to fully understand the risks involved and mitigate the various risks.

The consequences are catastrophic. Ten years in jail or R10 million in fines? Is this really a risk one wants to accept? At present there are no insurance for this Non Compliance. What is the Risk Treatment process you envisage implementing, or is this a total surprise? What would the Financial, Operational and Reputational Risk be for you and your company?

CAA is one of the industry leaders when it comes to POPI. CAA can:

• audit POPI preparedness,

• implement the awareness process,

• implement the POPI strategy efficiently and effectively,

• conduct a POPI Quality Audit Review (QAR) and

• ensure that you are POPI compliant.

For more information, POPI awareness sessions, POPI Preparedness Assessments, please contact Nico Snyman at 0764034307 or popi@crestadvisoryafrica.com