People Risk Management: Dr Liesl Gullan

It is nearing the end of the year and targets need to be met, performance reviews need to be conducted and decisions need to be made regarding performance bonuses. In view of the current economic climate and the demands of everyday life, this is a difficult period for any business and a stressful time for everyone, top down and bottom up. This is also the time to review performance gaps and introduce development plans to address these performance gaps in the immediate future.

Most of the risks your employees pose can be avoided and/or managed, but you need to identify and understand these risks. Many companies struggle to understand these risks or choose to ignore them. Taking stock and understanding the (avoidable) losses you suffered during the year because of ineffective decision-making, negligence, complacency, conflict, stress, unethical conduct etc. will help you mitigate these risks in future, saving you money during the coming tough economic times.

For some businesses, this is the peak season of activities. At the same time, employees are feeling stressed and tired after 10 difficult months. Some employees are starting to focus more on the upcoming holidays than on completing projects. Stress and frustration often grows substantially during these last few months and tempers tend to flare up very quickly. Conflict management becomes key during this period. Employees who need to work through this period should consider stress management techniques, work life balance and other coping skills to keep them functioning optimally.

CAA has a specialised People Risk Department, headed up by Dr Liesl Gullan, something very few risk management companies have. Dr Liesl is a qualified Psychologist and has been specialising in this specific risk environment for over 10 years. With her expert knowledge and exceptional diagnostic models, CAA can help you identify, assess and manage all your People Related Risks, both the internal and external risk drivers. CAA provide the full range of services from ensuring that all your policies and procedures are in place to helping you manage the performance gaps, stress, interpersonal conflict and diversities within your organisation.

For more information contact Dr Liesl Gullan on 0825706622 or Dr.Liesl@crestadvisoryafrica.com.