November 2016: From The Desk Of The CEO

November 2016 has been an extremely busy month for CAA. Many of the projects we have been engaged in is in the final project delivery stage, with Quality Assurance, times lines, milestones and deadlines.

The diverse and complex audits have been completed and accepted by the client as adding value to their Internal Audit but mostly to their Operational environments.

These audit recommendations will not only enhance the business processes, effective risk management, improved controls but will have a direct effect on the Return On Investment (ROI) of the various companies. One such recommendation, which has been implemented, resulted in an immediate 30% saving. This is pure gold.

Some of the audits exposed the real vendor’s practices, which would have had a catastrophic effect on reputation, compliance and operationally. The decision to source a quality and vetted vendor was thus easy. This is adding value to the approved vendor management and supply chain quality process.

Various CAA Training Academy (CAATA) training were conducted, with diverse industry representatives representing the financial-, mining-, consulting, property, FMCG, etc.

The CAATA Onsite Training offering has been extremely popular, where CAATA develop customised client deliverable training and development programs, in the Risk Based Supervision, POPI, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Combined Assurance and Risk Based Auditing disciplines.

CAA will be focussing on the following 4 specific areas within our strategy for the months to come, namely:

• Current Affairs

• Supply Chain Risk Management

• Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI)

• CAA ERM Business in a Box