Looking Back at 2016

CAA looks back at 2016 and the lessons learned from the industry. “Looking Back at 2016” will focus on three (3) issues:

  • Training and Development
  • Systemisation and
  • Global Internal Controls

Risk Management has been escalated onto the agenda of every board or organisation, of every size or industry and Crest Advisory Africa (CAA) has seen the growth in this discipline over the past 3 years.

Increasingly critical questions are asked and answers are sought. This is where CAA is adding value to each level of the organisation, whether Board (Strategy), Executive, and Divisional (Tactical) or Operational, in diverse industries, from mining, aviation, finance, and banking to the global leaders in insurance and security, cutting across all verticals and horizontal’s of organisations, Supply Chain, ICT, Business Continuity, Human Resources, and Operations.

Please see articles below:

Training and Development

Systemisation, and

Global Internal Controls

It is the Festive Season and one can feel in in the air, see it in the change of traffic patterns, experience it at the various month long corporate functions and invitations to celebrations, see the pressure and expectation of the annual bonus and observe the frenzy in and around the shopping centres and FMCG hubs.

All the above create the conditions for opportunists to test your Internal Controls. Be vigilant, prepare and make sure that you do not have losses when you return in January. It is really a bad start to a year to start it with a loss. You are already in defensive mode.

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