Latest Training and Development News

CAA is one of the leading Training Providers in Risk Management, Internal Audit, Compliance, Supply Chain and Health and Safety Management training. The CAA Training Brochure will be digitally available on our website soon.

We are also a global leader in the development of quality Training Materials, which have been accepted by various International Qualification Authorities and Industry Leading Institutes, such as the Institute of Internal Auditors of South Africa (IIASA), the Institute of Risk Managers of South Africa (IRMSA) the Association of Internal Control Professionals (AICP) United Kingdom and the Global Transport and Asset Intelligence Bureau (GTAIB).

With our extensive Training program, CAA is launching the same high quality training we are offering to Africa, in the Indian and the Dubai markets in March 2017. CAA signed a global training agreement with strategic partners, Achromic Point Consulting Pvt. Ltd, based in New Delhi. The first training will be in March 2017 with Risk Management followed by Risk in the Supply Chain in May 2017 in New Delhi and Mumbai.

CAA will provide news in the February 2017 newsletter the globalisation of our Training offering to other parts of the globe, such as Russia and East Europe.

With the over 400 courses within the CAA Intellectual Property (IP) library, CAA is making these training materials available to approved training providers. This offer will be communicated at the end of February with a limited launch offer for collective packages for each vertical division in an organisation. This is part of our “Life Long Learning Strategy”.