From the Desk of the CEO- May 2017


Are we not living in a fantastic country? Not a day when we do not have leading controversial news, especially driven by Government with the main news on corruption, dissatisfaction, the list goes on. May’s news consisted of:

  • Service delivery protest making the headlines in Ennerdale, a community in the Greater Johannesburg area
  • The Guptas and Eskom, leading the charge on the way “How Not To Do Business” and how to “massage” the tender processes;
  • Brian Molefe, after not finalising his R30 million-rand Golden Handshake and sworn into Parliament, he was re-appointed in his old position, CEO, which he left in tears;
  • And, are we as country in such financial difficulties that we need to sell our Strategic Oil Reserves?
  • Even the ruling party has announced that they are concerned about the high level of corruption regarding State Owned Enterprises (SOE).
  • And lastly, the attack again on the Judicial system in the form of the National Police Commissioner, who has been in the line of Fire from IPID to be suspended.

All of the above paints an ugly, uncertain picture. I have been taking the most leading, “Creating Uncertainty” news articles for the past year and it has been indicative of how our country is struggling with the challenges of Good Corporate Governance.

One example from the bullets mentioned above:

Policing, our “Thin Blue Line” as part of the effective and efficient Corporate Governance of our Countries Safety and Security. Let’s have 20/20 vision by looking backwards.

The second Police Commissioner appointed after Democracy in 1994, Jackie Selebi, was jailed for corruption. The Third Police Bheki Cele, was fired for corruption, the Fourth one, Ria Phiyega, is still on suspension, waiting for the outcome after the Marikana tragedy and now the fifth one is in the line of “Fire”, literally.

This is a real attack, but is this a diversion of any sorts? Is this to take away the real focus on the real corruption?

And what is the effect of this Uncertainty: General Motors (GM) withdrawn. This is having a huge impact on our reputation, finances and is this the start of a disinvestment campaign like in the 1980’s?

In this month’s articles, we will learn from the past and focus on how we can do business and corporate governance better. We have so many good examples, and we will focus on our positivity and our contribution, whether big or small, in this beautiful country.