From The Desk Of The CEO- February 2017

Can you believe it, it is the end of February 2017, already 60 days into the 2017 calendar year?

A lot has happened in the past two months, i.e.:

  • The State of the Nation Address (SoNA)
  • The ABSA “Apartheid” millions loan;
  • The #FeesMustFall Continuation
  • The Police Commissioner Under Investigation
  • Trump has signed the executive decision regarding the building of the “Wall”; and
  • The executive decision against the entrance of Muslim contries residents into the USA.

And the Global Corporate Governance Drama continues. Nobody can say that the World is boring.

Each and every move made in the Global “Colosseum” is having ripple effects all over the world, confirming the Uncertainty.

CAA is committed to effectively and efficiently working towards the continuous improvement of Corporate Governance.

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