Franchising opportunities with Crest Advisory Africa

Crest Advisory Africa has grown exponentially over the past 3 years, and we couldn’t have done this without our loyal strategic partners and clientele.We have learnt and know what it takes to set up and build a business. It is not easy and it does not happen overnight or by itself and we have learned valuable and expensive lessons. Lessons learned is knowledge gained.

CAA is designed to provide revenue streams in the following 3 distinct areas:

  • Training and Development
  • Management Consulting and
  • Technology/Products

We want to create the inside lane for you and short circuit the business establishment process on route to maturity for you, our client. Therefore, CAA is franchising and we are inviting you to become a franchisee.


The 3 revenue streams of CAA explained:

  • Training and Development
    • International ISO Training on over 50 standards, thus 200 courses (Introduction, Foundation, Lead Implementer, Lead Auditor)
    • Technical skills training library consists of approximately 150 courses which we are presenting to various local and international Institutes, i.e.: IIASA, IRMSA, etc, regarding Risk Management, Internal Audit, Compliance, Ethics, Business Continuity, etc.
    • Our Competency Framework consists of over 230 internationally developed courses, with a continuously improvement strategy of 1 new course per month, fully developed.
    • SETA Accreditation is of utmost importance and we have been with the Services SETA, with MOU’s pending between other SETAs. Thus, another competitive edge
    • Endorsement status has been received from the above-mentioned Institutes, making CAA a unique value proposition and offering in any Tender, RFQ process.
    • CAA is Training Material Developers par excellence. We are continuously developing training to address the current relevant needs of our constituency. With our global reach and inputs, we are at the forefront of the industry we are serving, this will always ensure that we uphold this standard.
    • CAA is also the preferred service provider for a specific Tertiary institution with over 900 global universities, thus continuously expanding our strategy within their Short Learning Programs (SLP)
  • Management Consulting
    • We will be training, developing our Franchisees to excel in this service offering and expand their revenue streams.
    • CAA has over 100 templates to position the franchisee in such a way to have the ease of the process but the benefits of the unique value propositions within the proposal documents. CAA will also assist in the provisioning of administrative support to our Franchisees as a shared services product, to optimise these opportunities.
    • We also have a global network of consultants, waiting to assist you in your implementation strategy
    • The CAA Client base, through the Training and Development strategy, is growing exponentially, thus providing our Franchisee with an expansive opportunity.
  • Products and Technology
    • CAA has partnered with local and international system partners delivering the above services.
    • CAA are either the licence holder of systems, supporting the ISO strategy form cradle to grave, or we are the strategic partner for the delivery of the product and implementation.
    • CAA owns technology, which could be implemented at any company to optimise their governance, training and development, etc.

The benefits of being a franchisee of Crest Advisory Africa:

  1. ISO Certification Body

Each of these are carefully structured to provide the optimum advantage in the market.

CAA is privileged to be one of the extremely few enterprises, with a Bronze Partnership with the PECB in Canada, providing International ISO certification for:

  • Individuals
  • Products
  • Management Systems (ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 / 45001, etc.)
  • Auditors

Thus we are, under the above license, and authorised ISO Certification Body.

  1. Fast tracking of your business

You can start doing business from day one, for 6 months we will be providing you with all the support you will need.

  1. Marketing

CAA provide our franchisees with the total value chain of marketing support needed, from strategy, graphic design, website design, SEO optimisation, hosting, publishing, you name it and we will do it.

Our client database of over 75 000 recipients are unique in this market and is growing constantly. Within the next 60 days, CAA will market to over 100 000 decision makers, in various and diverse industries.

CAA’s lead generation is exceptional with automated strategies to optimise and cultivate a lead, ready to close deals. Our website hits exceed 100 000 visits per month and is on the increase.

With this in mind, we will send out your newsletter every month to our combined database.

  1. Corporate Governance

CAA provides the backbone of a B-BBEE Level 2 enterprise, thus providing a 125% procurement recognition for our Franchisees, with no risk to the Franchisee.

Our reference base is extensive and extremely diverse, thus creating opportunities for growth.

Our African exposure, through our expansive network, is growing daily.

  1. Administration

We will do the administration for you, so you can focus on the core business. While you keep your eyes on the prize, we will handle the mundane tasks for you.

  1. Legal Aid

We will provide you with all the legal support you will need. From contract management to providing you with legal advice. We have in-house lawyers that are there at your disposal should you need any help.

Contact us to find out more!