False Sense of Security: Systemisation or Not

Through the training and consulting exposure, one aspect stands out like a lighthouse, the over reliance on Excel and the fear for systemisation.

CAA has been at the forefront at challenging the status quo regarding the lack of systemisation. With a well-researched and well defined methodology pertaining to an integrated approach and making Informed Decisions on Best Available Information, Excel cannot beat the power of an integrated system.

The power of a dynamic, capturing, data storage, auditability, change control, date and time stamped, compliance and audit focused driven, one cannot beat the simplest and most affordable system on the market.

The vast exposure CAA is having with our interaction on Training and Development level, supported the findings of the BarnOwl IRMSA Risk Maturity Survey 2016. During the IRMSA Risk Reporting course, presented by Crest, the major complaint is the cost aspect of systems.

We also encountered where systems were procured, but the lack of leadership created the opportunity for the system to be shelved and to fall back on the old and trusted Excel spreadsheet. The contract has been signed, the system has been mapped, configured, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) conducted, delivered and you, the client are paying for it, whether you are using it or not. This is the pinnacle of wasteful expenditure.

The additional effort, cost and time spend by a Risk Manager or Chief Risk Officer (CRO) to try and consolidate the various Excel spreadsheet, after many hours of facilitation sessions, are costlier, but one cannot see this on an invoice, thus the absence of a system cost the company nothing? This statement need exploration and a paradigm shift in thinking.

CAA engaged with various global leading software companies to bring to you an off the shelf system, affordable and easy to use within the industry. The power, agility, common language, elimination of duplication, time saving and the dynamic, adaptable power of reporting, across all horizontal’s and verticals, is making this offer an easy decision.

Optimise your effectiveness and efficiency in 2017. For an easy solution to replace the false sense of security in the traditional trusted Excel spreadsheet, please contact CAA on demo@crestadvisoryafrica.com.