Did you download your POPIA White Paper?

CAA has written a white paper on POPIA and made it available during the month. This White Paper gives you great insights regarding the POPIA process and its effects on business.

If you haven’t downloaded it as yet, do it now by clicking on this link: POPIA Download

The Second White Paper, due the end of August 2017, we will take a closer look at the various Business Sectors and the effect of POPIA on them as a collective sector. This will range from Insurance, Medical, Banking, etc.

The Third White Paper in this Series, due at the end of October 2017, CAA will look at the Road to POPIA Management System Certification and process involved in getting your enterprise POPIA prepared.

The Fourth White Paper, due in December 2017, we will be looking at how to audit POPIA. This will be extremely important as in internal, self-assessment process, providing your Responsible Party with Combined Assurance.

CAA is not a legal compliance firm guiding you through the legal compliance process of POPIA, but instead, we are:

  • the Risk Strategists (liked to strategic objectives),
  • the People based implementers (huge change management is expected),
  • the Architects of the processes needed from where the PI is collected, for which purpose, how was it used, stored and destroyed
  • and finally, we are renown Internal Auditors, setting the standard for POPIA Auditing, whether Internal or External.

For any further information in this regard, please contact us on popi@crestadvisoryafrica.com for a consult in this regard. You can also call Nico Snyman at 07640343047.