With the suggested expansion of the traditional “three lines of defence” into a “five lines of assurance” model, KING IV has emphasized the pivotal role of the internal audit function in any organisation pursuing good corporate governance.

As part of the independent defence mechanism of an organisation the role of internal audit has evolved over the years to not only providing mere assurance but to contribute insight in the business and furthermore, foresight into what the future might entail. Internal auditors and internal audit units therefore have to continuously expand on their ability to learn and understand the business and its relevant risks, appropriate audit techniques to gather evidence of conformance and assurance and assist management and the oversight function to manage and ever changing risk landscape.

The latest PWC “State of the Internal Audit Profession” survey supports this viewpoint as quite a number of interviewed Chief Audit Executives agreed that the talent they are looking to hire now includes aspects such as quality and innovation, stakeholder management, technology, business understanding and alignment, and risk focus.

At Crest, we recognise the need to sensitise and empower all internal auditors to respond to these requirements and have therefore developed very specific, relevant and up to date courses aimed at effective transferring of knowledge on topics such as pattern recognition, trend assessment, statistical analysis, data analysis and data mining, scenario testing, benchmarking of processes, quality reviews etc.

We invite you to browse through our list of courses offered and pick from the courses offered to enrich your professional internal audit career. Also consider contacting us for a tailor made course addressing your internal audit unit’s specific needs.

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