Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd signs partnership with Supply Network Africa (Pty) Ltd

Success breeds success.

The great and exciting news just keeps on coming for Crest Advisory Africa. After extensive negotiations, CAA is now a proud shareholder of the industry-leading supply chain publication, Supply Network Africa.

Supply Network Africa is a well-established and industry recognised supply chain management publication. The publication reaches over 25 000 readers across the globe per month and growing, with Africa as the primary base. The 2018 targeted audience growth is over 100 000.

The publication provides industry-leading and thought-provoking articles, new technology and believes in the continuous improvement of the industry, thus investing time and effort in seeking out the best and the newest technology in the market.

With the supply chain under scrutiny and in dire straits with the various ethical and lack of corporate governance debacles published over the past months, Supply Network Africa will embark on a drive for good corporate governance, ethical sourcing, best practices in tender management, and will soon launch an anti-corruption hotline to drive good corporate governance. A training academy, with the assistance of CAA will be established for the supply chain, to provide locally and internationally accredited courses.

The publication will be relevant, qualitative and will ask the difficult questions we are seeking answers too.

With this partnership big and great things are going to be achieved in the near future and CAA is going to grow exponentially. All we can say at this stage is: Watch this space!