Crest Advisory Africa Franchising Opportunities

With the CAA Brand and all the various strategic partners and clientele, CAA has grown exponentially over the past three (3) years.

We know what it takes to set up and build a business, it does not happen overnight or by itself and we have learned valuable and expensive lessons. Lessons learned is knowledge gained.

CAA is designed to provide revenue streams in the following three (3) distinct areas:

  • Training and Development
  • Management Consulting and
  • Technology / Products

We want to create the inside lane for you and short circuit the business establishment process on route to maturity for you, our client.

I want to share some, not all, lessons learned:

    • Is this a risk or an opportunity?
    • We saw this as an opportunity and designed our strategy around the minimum of Level 3 BBBEE recognition, with 125% procurement recognition.
    • But, this process took 3-6 months to be completed. Thus, you are sitting with a time, cost, income and legal fees risk
    • We have created to ideal vehicle for you with minimal risk to you
  • Accreditation
    • This is a tough one. It took us over 24 months for SETA Accreditation. Thus, it inhibited our new business growth, but valuable lessons were learned.
    • The most important of all, is that we have a SETA accredited Quality Management System (QMS) for which we can thank the SETA process.
  • Marketing
    • If approached wrongly, this is a deep and dark financial hole
    • You need the correct partners, the strategists who can take your business as yourself and describe it, strategically, to the prospective clients.
  • Training Collateral
    • This is costly, based on time, research and intellectual property. This does not come cheap
    • CAA has in its value proposition for the prospective franchisee, a bouquet of over 250 courses, whether technical, specialised or soft skills. This is unearthed gold for a new franchisee.

Thus, if you are interested in taking up this challenge, and create for yourself the freedom, contact CAA on franchise@crestadvsioryafrica.com for more information or visit our website and see where the opportunities are open. We have provided a Global Map for you to see how CAA is growing.