Crest Academy Risk Training Endorsed by IRMSA

The Institute of Risk Managers of South Africa (IRMSA) has endorsed Crest Advisory Africa’s Training Academy for Risk Management Courses


IRMSA,Institute of Risk Managers South AfricaAfter a rigorous application process, evaluation, assessments, quality assurance, presentations before an industry leading panel of experts and proposed improvements in the curriculum of the courses, Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd’s courses on Risk Management, has been endorsed by the Institute of Risk Managers of South Africa (IRMSA).


This is one of the greatest achievements bestowed on Crest Advisory Africa to date.


Crest Advisory Africa will be only the 4th entity endorsed by IRMSA, others who are the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and Marsh, the Insurance giant. Thus Crest is part of a very small selected, elite group of training providers with the endorsement of IRMSA, which makes this extremely prestigious.

The process is so rigorous and qualitative because the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) must ensure that members or enterprises interests are safeguarded and quality assured of education and training material / interventions that are aligned with the Institute’s endorsement policy.

Crest and Technews Training Academy achievements

Technews Publications entered into a partnership with Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd for the provisioning of Risk Management and other training to the members of Hi Tech Security Solutions. The training started in April 2015 and the partnership has trained over 60 Security Executives and Operations Managers in the principles of Risk Management as stipulated in the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 31000:2009 and the Methodology to implement Risk Management as a standard within their respective environments.

These Executives and Operations Managers represents a diverse group of industries, from mining houses (Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, etc.), Governmental structures, Construction, Banking, to Logistics and Operations.

It also extended the reach of Technews and Crest, as International industry leaders in Risk Management and Security Training and we reached Southern Africa, Mauritius, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe and are in the process of expanding the training to other parts of the African continent.

What does this mean for you as Learner?

• that your certificate is not only a certificate of attendance, but a certificate endorsed by the only Risk Management Institute on the African continent, IRMSA;
• that Crest and TechNews made the correct decisions and selected the highest authority partner within the industry to take this training initiative to exceptional quality heights;
• that Crest and TechNews partnered once again with the only Industry Leading Institute to ensure that our service to you as the client are assured, verified and validated.
• that continuous improvement is guaranteed, due to the fact that the courses will be continuously assessed and attended by industry experts representing IRMSA to validate the quality provided during the real course implementation

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

As a result of the endorsement received, Crest will be applying for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) approval as well. Because of the endorsement, it is expected to be a swift process and then the Crest and Technews partnership will also be one of the view selected CPD providers under the IRMSA brand.

Crest and TechNews Training Academy

Technews and Crest has extended the Training partnership and will be providing more courses to you as the client as from February 2016. This will be communicated on the various platforms of Technews (publications, emails, etc.).

Since the inception of the training initiative we have received a number of enquiries to extend the training. This has not fallen on deaf ears and a decision was made to extend the training to provide our customers with the training as requested.

What are your training needs?

We are calling on you as our valiant and dedicated customer to guide us in this great endeavour of customer satisfaction.
We are requesting you to indicate to us what type of courses you would like to attend and what your need in your specific environment is.

Requests can be sent us here 

The information received will be analysed and courses will be developed or training providers will be sourced, who complies with our internal quality controls, based on the IRMSA process, to bring you the best course content, the best facilitators, the best practical knowledge and experience at the best prices possible.

Call for proposals

Crest and Technews realises that we do not have the know-how, expertise or the knowledge as our readers, industry specialists and training providers.

Please complete the Call for Proposal Tender Document regarding the training you provide.

The closing date for the proposals is 22 January 2016. The results will be communicated early February 2016.

Extension of Industry Leading Endorsement

Crest Advisory Africa and TechNews promise to drive the Industry Leading endorsement, with the extension of our course curriculum and course programs.


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