Corporate governance is a framework that broadly refers to the mechanisms, processes and relations by which corporations are controlled and directed. As specialists in the corporate governance and risk management sector, Crest Advisory Africa is able to provide organisations with short courses, tailored in-house training and business consultation services.

Questions to Ask:

  • Where does governance fit into our strategy?
  • Does the Chairman have the resource and support he or she needs?
  • How will a facilitated board evaluation process optimise our business?
  • Are you aware of the new areas of disclosure that the Code will require you to incorporate into your reporting?
  • Do the Terms of reference of your board and its committees reflect what actually happens?
  • Have you got the level of expertise to effectively implement commercially appropriate and effective governance frameworks and policies?

Why Do You Need to Attend Our Next Corporate Governance Course?

Crest Advisory Africa is able to customise international best practices in security, policing and law enforcement for your local business needs. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 31000:2009 Risk Management methodology – specifically addressing risk management – is adopted for all Crest Advisory Africa’s training and developing strategy.

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