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CEO Spotlight: Nico Snyman

Nico Snyman, Crest Advisory AfricaNico Snyman, CEO of Crest Advisory Africa (CAA), worked for many years with a diverse range of categories of risks, ranging between political-, community engagement-, organised crime-, economical- and ICT risks. He was a instrumental and leading various new initiatives in risk management and resigned from the South African Police Service (SAPS) with the rank of Brigadier.

Nico was then appointed to head up the security and Risk Management for the Gautrain, the biggest construction project globally at the time. He was one of the Executives responsible for the establishment of Bombela Operating Company (BOC), the appointed operator of the Gautrain. He implemented the ERM Framework for the Gautrain as well as the system implementation and was instrumental in the maturing of BOC in ERM and received acknowledgement from the major shareholding company, RATP Dev, in Paris, France in 2014.

As the CEO of Crest Advisory Africa, Nico brings with him specialist experience in consultative management, risk management and business consulting over a diverse range of expert business streams.

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