CAA Global Accreditation by PECB

Now that you know we have been:

Accredited by the SETA’s as an Accredited Provider under Accreditation No: 12236,

endorsed by IRMSA, the AICP and the GTAIB acknowledged by Monash University a part of their Short Learning Programs (SLP).

During May 2017, CAA has been accredited Internationally by the PECB. This partnership will ensure that the respective companies involved will give their contribution based on their expertise in offering and organising ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 or any other ISO certification.

CAA can also, through the PECB, certify people, organisation and systems.

For any further enquiries regarding Internationally Certified Training and Certification, please send us an email to training@crestadvisoryafrica.com.